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The T'hy'la Project
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This community will be for planning, discussion and recommendations for the site, thyla.us
LJ community for the site, thyla.us.

The site is mostly for us maintainers to have one central place where we can place our ideas and such. Most of the site will be flocked down to the two of us, so there isn't any point in 'joining' the community, and membership would only be granted if we picked up another maintainer/mod for the site itself- all requests for membership will be denied, sorry :(, but please feel free to 'watch'.

We will have a few open posts here and there to give status updates about the site (which is currently in its planning and pre-production stage) and for you all to leave links to fics and fan art that are your favorite K/S pieces and you think we would enjoy and if the author or artist approves, then it might find another home or at the least a link on our site, although the goal is to have an actual archive. Should an author or artist, at a later time wish to remove something on the site, then their wishes will be honored.

A fic and art archive is only going to be one portion of the site. There will be much more there for fellow K/S'ers to enjoy.

One more thing- characters from both TOS and the first six movies as well as the characters from Reboot will be welcome here. RPS will be welcomed as well- but will have its own section.

Guidelines for Comments:

No homophobia or bashing of other 'ships will be tolerated. This is a K/S site, but we do not need to lower ourselves to demeaning other people's 'ship preferences. Be respectful or simply do not say anything at all.

BROTHER, LOVER, FRIEND- While we mods are primarily K/S slashers of the 'lover' variety, K/S friendship, brotherhood fic and art is welcomed as well- but please have this relationship be the main focus of the story or art, not a relationship, let's say between Spock and Uhura. Such a relationship might be mentioned- but if the majority of the story focuses on Spock and Uhura, this probably isn't the right place for you to submit it.

Because at least one of the mods (I'll only speak for myself, Ji can chime in if she feels the same) also ships The Triumvirate, there will a section dedicated to Spock/Bones/Kirk. I am also toying with the idea of creating a Spock/Bones section as well, because honestly, they argue like an old married couple- they might as well be one and I am a multi-shiper. We shall see how it goes- no guarantees, but feel free to leave us your links and recs for this triad and pairing as well.

(I also have in the works, but still in the pre-planning process, a site/community/fanzine called The Ashayam Project which will focus on Spock/Uhura, Sarek/Amanda and other het pairings that include one Vulcan partner. If this is something that might interest you, please let me know in a comment, thanks.)


In this day and age, it is very simple to get online- most people have access either in their homes, at school or a local coffee shop and having an online fanzine is another goal of the T'hy'la Project. I am old enough to recall and suffer from illogical bouts of nostalgia in regards to print fanzines, however, and I am hoping- although funds aren't always willing- to put together some form of a print fanzine accompaniment to the online fanzine. More regarding this will be announced.

More to come.

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