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My friend, my brother, my lover...
27th-Jan-2012 02:05 pm(no subject)
Syrio the Water Dancer
LJ is purging communities.  Just posting this to keep it active.  Feel free to ignore.
23rd-Oct-2010 06:03 pm - Welcome
Shatner and Nimoy hugging

What is The T'hy'la Project, you ask?

Well, it is the brainchild of two K/S enthusiasts who desired to build some sort of monument to these wonderful characters their abiding love for one another.

The exact nature of the entire project has not been sussed out- that is one of the main reasons for this community- to have a place we can place our ideas and ramblings so we don't lose them (as much as we would like to devote all of our time to K/S, we lead rather busy lives outside of the fandom and this pair).

One decision that has been reached is that part of the site will house an archive of fanfiction and art that we have come across and absolutely love.  We are open to recommendations, so if you have seen or written a fic or produced a work of art that you think is absolutely wonderful, why not send us a link?

(We will make every attempt to contact the author of the piece to get permission to repost, or at the very least provide a link to their work.  All authors and artists will of course maintain ownership and be properly credited and reciprocal links to either their sites or journals will be made available should the author want it)

For now, please leave recommendations in a comment to this post.  Thank you :)
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